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2024 NFL Films Summer Internship

Job Description

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December 12, 2023

The NFL Films Internship Program is a paid opportunity.  Participants in the program have the opportunity to experience one of the most unique learning environments in the television and film industries.  The NFL Films Internship Program is known for offering an applied approach to learning.  Our award-winning staff is willing to assist and mentor individuals with a serious desire to further their studies and achieve their career goals.  Incorporated into the internship program are seminars that cover topics such as navigating the unique employment landscape in this industry, the importance of networking, freelancing, and Q-&-A sessions with executives and former interns. Additionally, we provide time for interns to observe and experience all phases of our operations in film and video production.


The NFL Films Internship Program is not a rotational experience.  Interns are assigned to (1) department for the duration of their internship.  There are several departments within NFL Films that offer internship opportunities. A description of each position can be found below. We will assign an intern in one position based on their stated interest, course of study, experience, and career path.  Please thoroughly read through each department description before selecting your area of interest in our application.

Job Requirements

This internship is open to current college students and recent college graduates.  Students must either be enrolled in a full-time academic program and currently pursuing a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree (a minimum GPA of at least 3.0 is required), or a college graduate who is less than 1-year from their graduation date at the scheduled start of the internship session.  Academic transcripts (official or unofficial) will be requested to confirm GPA.  Acceptance is contingent upon the outcome of a standard background investigation.

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