Analyst I, Analytical Product Transfer

Job Description

Posted on: 
December 6, 2023

Provide chemistry laboratory support and work with more senior R&D scientists performing duties such as, but not limited to, preparing formulations, analyzing samples, developing analytical methods and conducting pre-validation studies. Responsibilities primarily involve working in the lab with supervision.


  1. Operates, maintains and is responsible for lab equipment.
  2. Performs routine procedures in an efficient manner with supervision; Demonstrates technical ability to assist in the execution of non-routine experiments and procedures with supervision.
  3. Understands and applies basic scientific principles and technology, and demonstrates an aptitude for acquiring knowledge of relevant regulatory requirements.
  4. Demonstrates the ability to correctly analyze and interpret the outcome of experiments.
  5. Maintains proper records (notebooks, electronic records, study files, etc.) per relevant policies and procedures.
  6. Assists in the review and approval of co-worker laboratory notebook entries.
  7. Communicates own work orally and in writing, providing input for development summaries and reports.
  8. Interfaces with enabling service teams such as Laboratory Services, Document Control, Logistics, and Environmental Health & Safety, regarding support needs and compliance requirements.
  9. Maintains current technical and safety training.
  10. Understands appropriate regulations and legal requirements as well as company policies and procedures relevant to areas of expertise.

Job Requirements

  • Computer literacy, technical writing, and multi-tasking skills are required.
  • Requires basic understanding and use of analytical glassware, syringes, pipettes, balances and other instrumentation.
  • Understanding of lab techniques also required.
  • Proficiency in the use of Microsoft Office including Word and Excel. Project planning techniques and use of project planning software, a plus.
  • Experience with basic analytical laboratory equipment and fundamental understanding of the principles of operation and measurement for laboratory instruments.
  • Good communication skills, both oral and written.
  • Able to listen, accept instruction and execute tasks under pressure while maintaining a professional demeanor.
  • Requires a bachelor’s degree in chemistry or closely related field with 0-2 years of relevant experience, or Master’s degree in chemistry or closely related field.

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