Associate Engineer

Job Description

Posted on: 
July 15, 2024

As an Associate Engineer working in the Retailer Integration space you will help deliver new features and experiences to our external retailer partners.


You will be working with a team of 4-5 other engineers to design, develop, test, deploy and maintain application code using Golang, Redis, Postgres, and Kafka in a microservices architecture.

Job Requirements

What You’ll Need to Be Successful

  • You know how to develop backend software applications using object-oriented programming languages.
  • You have experience with or are eager to learn GoLang
  • You have experience database systems and event-driven messaging systems
  • You are passionate about software development, learning different domain knowledge, and solving problems.
  • You are a self-directed individual that enjoys freedom in your work.
  • Knowledge of testing fundamentals; unit, integration, end to end, etc.

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