Network Transport Software Engineer - New Graduate (2024)

Job Description

Posted on: 
December 21, 2023

You will report to the Engine Networking Team pulling the players together by ensuring the communication of the game state to all. You will help the players experience the game as a nearly synchronous world. Just as the nerves in our bodies coordinate our actions, the network system coordinates all the computers involved into a smooth experience for the players. You will work in all areas of the game platform in your quest for real-time communication of every part of Roblox.


  • Work on a user-space network stack, solving problems related to scale, performance, latency, and throughput in client/server environments.
  • Work on a very large multithreaded distributed system that connects millions of users worldwide.
  • Work on all the devices Roblox supports - from desktop clients to mobile phone clients to console clients

Please note the Company may not be able to employ candidates who have United States work authorization related to certain U.S. visa categories, or support future H-1B sponsorship at this time.

Job Requirements

  • Pursued or pursuing a Bachelor’s degree or beyond in computer science, engineering or a related field
  • Worked on open-source projects related to Network stack and IP/UDP/TCP/QUIC and other IETF protocols
  • Amazing at systems-level C++ programming
  • Multi-platform knowledge: You understand, across all platforms, what happens on the hardware-level when certain code is written.

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